Business Plan Outline
1.0 Executive Summary
   1.1 Mission Statement
   1.2 The Enterprise
   1.3 Key Personnel
   1.4 The Market
   1.5 The Offering
   1.6 Marketing Strategy
   1.7 Competition
   1.8 Projections
   1.9 Resource Requirements
   1.10 Key Issues
2.0 The Enterprise
   2.1 Objectives
   2.2 History
   2.3 Organization
     2.3.1 Key Personnel
     2.3.2 Personnel Count
   2.4 Operations
   2.5 The Future
3.0 The Market
   3.1 Market Segments
   3.2 Prospects
   3.3 Prospect Objectives
   3.4 Segmentation
   3.5 Size
   3.6 Environment
   3.7 Alternatives
4.0 The Offering
   4.1 Description
   4.2 Market Status
   4.3 Value
   4.4 Cost to Produce
   4.5 Support
5.0 Marketing Strategy
   5.1 Targets
   5.2 Image
   5.3 Promotion
     5.3.1 Internet Web Site
     5.3.2 Publicity
     5.3.3 Advertising
   5.4 Pricing
   5.5 Sales
   5.6 Distribution
   5.7 Logistics
   5.8 Support
6.0 Competitive Analysis
7.0 Development Program
   7.1 Objectives
   7.2 Organization
   7.3 Market Status
   7.4 Schedules
   7.5 Technology
8.0 Operations / Production
   8.1 Organization
   8.2 Suppliers
   8.3 Sub-contractors
   8.4 Technology
   8.5 Quality
   8.6 Inventory
9.0 Investment Capital
   9.1 Initial Funding
   9.2 Use of Funds
   9.3 Return on Investment
10.0 Historical Financials
   10.1 Income Statement
   10.2 Balance Sheet
   10.3 Cash Flow
11.0 Financial Projections
   11.1 Year One Income Statement
   11.2 Year Two Income Statement
   11.3 Five Year Income Statement
   11.4 Year One Cash Flow
   11.5 Year Two Cash Flow
   11.6 Five Year Cash Flow
   11.7 Balance Sheet
12.0 Financial Alternatives
   12.1 Best Case
   12.2 Worst Case
13.0 Financial Addendums
   13.1 Assumptions
   13.2 Ratios
   13.3 Income Statement Comparison
   13.4 Balance Sheet Comparison

   Business Plan Charts

4.1 Description


This is a technical description of each product or service that will be offered by your enterprise.

If it is a product, describe the function performed, the physical characteristics, operational characteristics, technological factors of import and unique aspects that make it more desirable to the market than competitive products.

If it is a service, describe the purpose, content, method of delivery and unique aspects that make it more desirable to the market than competitive services.

Factors to consider:
Function(s) performed
Special/unique abilities
New/proprietary technology
Product or service family relationships

Sample from CitiLoc, Inc.

Businesses are regularly faced with the problem of expanding their operation. In many cases it is strategically appropriate to do so in a new city. When they make this decision they must then select a city. CitiLoc will provide, via the Internet, a service to both cities and businesses that helps cities attract new business and businesses determine which city is best for them.

Businesses will have access to information about every city in the United States with a population of over 50,000. City management can get a regular report comparing what they offer a business with every other city in the data base.

The data base will contain a wide range of information. The types of information include:

Demographics: work force size, % unemployment, salary ranges
Major forms of transportation: highways, trucking, bus lines, air lines
Direct access to major cities by each form of transportation
Communication: phone lines, digital/optical lines, newspapers (affiliations)
Commercial real estate: quantity, occupancy rates, prices, expected growth
Housing: quantity, occupancy rates, prices, expected growth
Educational institutions: availability, occupancy, grade levels, planned growth
Breakdown of major businesses by industry and size
Three year history of businesses that have located in the city
Availability and cost of utilities and water
Taxes of all forms, any tax abatement programs for new businesses
Any limitations on the types of industries allowed to locate in the city
Review of all EPA conformance issues
Geographic boundaries of the city, including ETJ's
City government structure and contacts