Business Plan Outline
1.0 Executive Summary
   1.1 Mission Statement
   1.2 The Enterprise
   1.3 Key Personnel
   1.4 The Market
   1.5 The Offering
   1.6 Marketing Strategy
   1.7 Competition
   1.8 Projections
   1.9 Resource Requirements
   1.10 Key Issues
2.0 The Enterprise
   2.1 Objectives
   2.2 History
   2.3 Organization
     2.3.1 Key Personnel
     2.3.2 Personnel Count
   2.4 Operations
   2.5 The Future
3.0 The Market
   3.1 Market Segments
   3.2 Prospects
   3.3 Prospect Objectives
   3.4 Segmentation
   3.5 Size
   3.6 Environment
   3.7 Alternatives
4.0 The Offering
   4.1 Description
   4.2 Market Status
   4.3 Value
   4.4 Cost to Produce
   4.5 Support
5.0 Marketing Strategy
   5.1 Targets
   5.2 Image
   5.3 Promotion
     5.3.1 Internet Web Site
     5.3.2 Publicity
     5.3.3 Advertising
   5.4 Pricing
   5.5 Sales
   5.6 Distribution
   5.7 Logistics
   5.8 Support
6.0 Competitive Analysis
7.0 Development Program
   7.1 Objectives
   7.2 Organization
   7.3 Market Status
   7.4 Schedules
   7.5 Technology
8.0 Operations / Production
   8.1 Organization
   8.2 Suppliers
   8.3 Sub-contractors
   8.4 Technology
   8.5 Quality
   8.6 Inventory
9.0 Investment Capital
   9.1 Initial Funding
   9.2 Use of Funds
   9.3 Return on Investment
10.0 Historical Financials
   10.1 Income Statement
   10.2 Balance Sheet
   10.3 Cash Flow
11.0 Financial Projections
   11.1 Year One Income Statement
   11.2 Year Two Income Statement
   11.3 Five Year Income Statement
   11.4 Year One Cash Flow
   11.5 Year Two Cash Flow
   11.6 Five Year Cash Flow
   11.7 Balance Sheet
12.0 Financial Alternatives
   12.1 Best Case
   12.2 Worst Case
13.0 Financial Addendums
   13.1 Assumptions
   13.2 Ratios
   13.3 Income Statement Comparison
   13.4 Balance Sheet Comparison

   Business Plan Charts

1.10 Key Issues


Describe the steps that must happen to get your plan on the path to a successful implementation. This might include acquisition of investment capital, technological breakthroughs, establishment of relationships, hiring of key personnel, advertising and publicity coverage or many other things. Be sure these really are the critical issues.

Include a spreadsheet listing the key milestones involved in implementing your business plan including specific dates and responsible personnel. If you are using business plan software to write your plan, this should be included for you automatically.

Sample from CitiLoc, Inc.

There are only a few issues to address as we begin the business. They are, in order of priority:

Find and lease facilities
Acquire the necessary hardware, software and communication capabilities
Hire the necessary personnel to collect the data and develop the software
Get development and data collection under way
Establish appropriate accounting procedures
Create the contracts we will use with our customers

What?Who?When?How much?
Web Site RegistrationELB1/1/20091/10/2009$0
Completion of DB DesignJAJ1/1/20092/28/2009$10,000
Data Gathering & DB PopulationDVP1/1/20099/30/2009$1,000,000
DB Search Technique Dev.ELB3/1/20095/30/2009$10,000
Web Site Dev.KAG3/1/20097/30/2009$50,000
On-line Help Dev.KAG3/1/20098/30/2009$15,000
Web Site/DB SecurityDVP5/1/20097/30/2009$10,000
Cross Browser TestingELB5/1/20098/30/2009$5,000
Search Engine RegistrationELB5/1/20098/30/2009$10,000
Web Site/Acctg. InterfaceJAJ7/1/20098/30/2009$10,000
Install site Activity tracking S/WJAJ8/1/20099/30/2009$5,000
Web Site Beta TestELB9/1/20099/30/2009$40,000
Web Site PromotionJL7/1/20096/30/2010$200,000
Totals 1/1/20096/30/2010$1,365,000