Business Plan Outline
1.0 Executive Summary
   1.1 Mission Statement
   1.2 The Enterprise
   1.3 Key Personnel
   1.4 The Market
   1.5 The Offering
   1.6 Marketing Strategy
   1.7 Competition
   1.8 Projections
   1.9 Resource Requirements
   1.10 Key Issues
2.0 The Enterprise
   2.1 Objectives
   2.2 History
   2.3 Organization
     2.3.1 Key Personnel
     2.3.2 Personnel Count
   2.4 Operations
   2.5 The Future
3.0 The Market
   3.1 Market Segments
   3.2 Prospects
   3.3 Prospect Objectives
   3.4 Segmentation
   3.5 Size
   3.6 Environment
   3.7 Alternatives
4.0 The Offering
   4.1 Description
   4.2 Market Status
   4.3 Value
   4.4 Cost to Produce
   4.5 Support
5.0 Marketing Strategy
   5.1 Targets
   5.2 Image
   5.3 Promotion
     5.3.1 Internet Web Site
     5.3.2 Publicity
     5.3.3 Advertising
   5.4 Pricing
   5.5 Sales
   5.6 Distribution
   5.7 Logistics
   5.8 Support
6.0 Competitive Analysis
7.0 Development Program
   7.1 Objectives
   7.2 Organization
   7.3 Market Status
   7.4 Schedules
   7.5 Technology
8.0 Operations / Production
   8.1 Organization
   8.2 Suppliers
   8.3 Sub-contractors
   8.4 Technology
   8.5 Quality
   8.6 Inventory
9.0 Investment Capital
   9.1 Initial Funding
   9.2 Use of Funds
   9.3 Return on Investment
10.0 Historical Financials
   10.1 Income Statement
   10.2 Balance Sheet
   10.3 Cash Flow
11.0 Financial Projections
   11.1 Year One Income Statement
   11.2 Year Two Income Statement
   11.3 Five Year Income Statement
   11.4 Year One Cash Flow
   11.5 Year Two Cash Flow
   11.6 Five Year Cash Flow
   11.7 Balance Sheet
12.0 Financial Alternatives
   12.1 Best Case
   12.2 Worst Case
13.0 Financial Addendums
   13.1 Assumptions
   13.2 Ratios
   13.3 Income Statement Comparison
   13.4 Balance Sheet Comparison

   Business Plan Charts

8.1 Organization


Describe the organization structure, facilities, equipment and number of personnel. Describe the key personnel in your operation, specifying their skills and responsibilities in the effort. Discuss the potential for losing key people through promotion, transfer or attrition, how you would respond if that occurred and what impact it would have on the operation.

Key positions that need to be filled within the next twelve months should be described with an explanation of how you expect to fill the position. If you expect a requirement for a significant increase in personnel, discuss the availability of a labor pool in the vicinity of your facilities.

Factors to consider:
Organization chart
Key management responsibilities
Key management capabilities
Vacancies to be filled
Experience level of personnel
Personnel training requirements
Attrition rate
Availability of replacement personnel
Worker safety/comfort considerations
Interaction with other organizations in the enterprise

Sample from CitiLoc, Inc.

The operation of our web site will be a dual responsibility. Our server will be located at, a professional Internet service provider. They will maintain the hardware and make sure that the communications interface is available for Internet users to access our web site 24 hours a day seven days a week. They also have expertise in the Windows 2000 operating system that we will be using.

Our responsibility is to keep all of the web site code working. As we get customer feed back, there will be constant improvement as we add features and make the interface more user friendly. We will also be creating back up for the data base on a daily basis as well as updating it with data for new city customers or modified data for existing city customers.

Purchase information is routed to our accounting data base on a real time basis and both systems must be reviewed and maintained on a regular basis. Our accounting group will use this information to bill to purchase orders and to pay "reference fees" to other businesses who have referred a customer to us via a link from their web page.

A log of all user accesses will be maintained on the site which will be reviewed as weekly and monthly summaries. This will help us to better understand how our customers are using the web site and the data base providing more input to help us improve our service.