Business Plan Outline
1.0 Executive Summary
   1.1 Mission Statement
   1.2 The Enterprise
   1.3 Key Personnel
   1.4 The Market
   1.5 The Offering
   1.6 Marketing Strategy
   1.7 Competition
   1.8 Projections
   1.9 Resource Requirements
   1.10 Key Issues
2.0 The Enterprise
   2.1 Objectives
   2.2 History
   2.3 Organization
     2.3.1 Key Personnel
     2.3.2 Personnel Count
   2.4 Operations
   2.5 The Future
3.0 The Market
   3.1 Market Segments
   3.2 Prospects
   3.3 Prospect Objectives
   3.4 Segmentation
   3.5 Size
   3.6 Environment
   3.7 Alternatives
4.0 The Offering
   4.1 Description
   4.2 Market Status
   4.3 Value
   4.4 Cost to Produce
   4.5 Support
5.0 Marketing Strategy
   5.1 Targets
   5.2 Image
   5.3 Promotion
     5.3.1 Internet Web Site
     5.3.2 Publicity
     5.3.3 Advertising
   5.4 Pricing
   5.5 Sales
   5.6 Distribution
   5.7 Logistics
   5.8 Support
6.0 Competitive Analysis
7.0 Development Program
   7.1 Objectives
   7.2 Organization
   7.3 Market Status
   7.4 Schedules
   7.5 Technology
8.0 Operations / Production
   8.1 Organization
   8.2 Suppliers
   8.3 Sub-contractors
   8.4 Technology
   8.5 Quality
   8.6 Inventory
9.0 Investment Capital
   9.1 Initial Funding
   9.2 Use of Funds
   9.3 Return on Investment
10.0 Historical Financials
   10.1 Income Statement
   10.2 Balance Sheet
   10.3 Cash Flow
11.0 Financial Projections
   11.1 Year One Income Statement
   11.2 Year Two Income Statement
   11.3 Five Year Income Statement
   11.4 Year One Cash Flow
   11.5 Year Two Cash Flow
   11.6 Five Year Cash Flow
   11.7 Balance Sheet
12.0 Financial Alternatives
   12.1 Best Case
   12.2 Worst Case
13.0 Financial Addendums
   13.1 Assumptions
   13.2 Ratios
   13.3 Income Statement Comparison
   13.4 Balance Sheet Comparison

   Business Plan Charts

5.3.2 Publicity


Describe what media you are targeting for publicity, how you intend to generate the interest, what form the publicity will take and when the publicity will occur.

Factors to consider:
New offering announcements
Offering update announcements
Offering application articles
Press conferences
Endorsements from customers or experts
Trade show presentations
Local/national news articles
Talk shows - TV/radio

Sample from CitiLoc, Inc.

We will aggressively pursue as much free publicity as we can get.

To address the city market segment, starting in the fourth month of the development project we will be sending press releases to a wide range of city planning publications. This should cause the publicity to appear in the various publications during months six through nine.

We will be contacting every city manager of the cities we want in our data base, describing our service, providing them an access code to a secure sight describing the service in more detail and, of course, asking them to provide us with the desired information.

In addition, there is a national Governor's conference being held in Miami, FL in the month of May and a national Mayor's conference being held in Phoenix, AZ in the month of June. Because our service is Internet based (the hot topic these days), we would expect to be included on the agenda of each of these conferences to present the concepts of our service.

To address the business market segment, starting in month nine we will send press releases to about 500 strategic planning, accounting and business publications. To complement the press release, we will conduct a press tour in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles making personal visits to appropriate editors and writers of key publications.

We will also offer a white paper to several fall and winter business conferences describing the concepts of our service. Again, because of the Internet hook, we expect to be included on the agenda of a number of these conferences.